Infant mortality is defined as the death of a live-born baby before his or her first birthday. An infant mortality rate is the number of babies who died during the first year of life per 1,000 live births. In 2015, 1,005 Ohio infants died before their first birthday, and the state’s All Races Infant Mortality Rate was 7.2. Ohio’s target is to achieve 6.0 or fewer infant deaths per 1,000 live births in every racial and ethnic group, which is the national Healthy People 2020 objective.

Ohio’s Black Infant Mortality Rate of 15.1 in 2015 remained well above the Healthy People 2020 objective, and black infants in Ohio died at nearly three times the rate of white infants. Ohio’s White Infant Mortality Rate of 5.5 in 2015 was better than the Healthy People 2020 objective, and the Hispanic Infant Mortality Rate of 6.0 met the Healthy People 2020 objective.

A copy of the complete 2015 Ohio Infant Mortality Report and other infant mortality data and information are available here.

Infant mortality profiles of each of the nine counties that account for the majority of infant deaths in Ohio in 2015 are available here.

Ohio’s All Races Infant Mortality Rate, White Infant Mortality Rate and Black Infant Mortality Rate all have been trending downward significantly since at least 1990.

Trend: 1990-2015